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"Somehow, we'll find it. The balance between whom we wish to be and whom we need to be. But for now, we simply have to be satisfied with who we are."
- Brandon Sanderson, The Hero of Ages

My name is Mohd Tanjim Hasan, but most people call me TJ. I am a software engineer and recent UGA graduate. There are few things in life that bring me greater joy than interesting problems, as I love to break them down and develop solutions. I am also an adament hacker, and enjoy participating in Hackathons or Game Jams.


"Who doesn't respect and value his past, is not worth the honor of the present, and has no right to a future."
- Jozef Pilsudski


University of Georgia

2020 - 2021

Masters in Computer Science

Upon the completion of my Undergraduate career, I decided to go directly into graduate school to further specialize in the field of Computer Science. I plan to do a Ph.D as well, however, I thought it would be best to dip my toes into academia via a Masters Degree in order to get a feel for which area to specialize in.

University of Georgia

2016 - 2020

Bachelors in Computer Science

I started out as a Computer Systems Engineer at UGA, however, my love of programming,recursive problem solving, and algorithmic design resulted in me changing majors to Computer Science. I graduated with my Bachelors Degree with an overall GPA of 3.6.


UGA - Computer Science Department

2018 - 2020

Computer Science Teaching Assistant

As an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, I was tasked with holding labs to help teach students how to apply and adapt the techniques they learned during lecture, as well as hold office hours to assist students with assigned projects. During my time as a Teaching Assistant, I honed my abilities as a programmer, and learned how to effectively and efficiently convey my ideas and methodology to those who are not as well versed in programming grammar.


2019 - 2019

Global Cyber Security Summer Intern

As a Cyber Security Intern, I was tasked with automating the Exceptions Closing process. To do this, I created a script which linked with the database at Equifax to pull and process the current list of exceptions. Afterwards, an email was sent to the corresponding exception holder and the process for closing said exception was started. The script I created was written in Python and implemented into the companies Service Now package.


University Hackathons Non-Profit

2019 - Present


When I first joined UGAHacks in 2018, I, as well as the other members of the time, saw that the organization faced many hardships due to being simply a student organization. Despite this, our organization annually created one of the biggest events on the UGA campus, and so we believed that we should expand our organization into a Non-profit in order to make our event even greater.

The purpose of University Hackathons is to provide college students from all over the United States the ability to come join the annual UGA Hackathon at no charge to them. As a non-profit, University Hackathons puts forth all donations garnered from corporate relationships towards the operation of the Hackathon. All members, including myself, work as volunteers to the organization.

UGAHacks 6

2020 - Present

Advisor for UGAHacks 6

As an Advisor, my job is primarily to provide support and direction for the current administration of UGAHacks. I also provide useful contacts for the team should they request it from me, and also work to keep our previous sponsors for future events.

UGAHacks 5

2019 - 2020

Lead Director & CEO

As Lead Director and CEO of UGAHacks, my main goal, alongside putting on the hackathon that year, was to build a foundation for the organization for future teams to utilize. To accomplish this, I founded the Non-Profit "University Hackathons", opened our own organizational bank account, incorporated the idea of our event having a mascot, and moved the hackathon location to the Zell Miller Learning Center, the heart of UGA's Campus. Now, future UGAHacks teams will have to worry less about the logistics, finances, and theme of their event, and focus their attention on actual planning the event itself.

My event was not only a tremendous success, it was also record breaking compared to previous UGAHacks in a number of places including, largest attendee size, largest number of sponsors, largest budget, and highest number of submitted projects.

UGAHacks 4

2018 - 2019

Logistics Director

As the Logistics Director, it was my responsibility to create the schedule for that year's event, allocate rooms and times for all our events/workshops, and make sure the food was served at the appropriate times. I was also in charge of the live stream of the opening ceremony, as well as the liaison for companies who had questions regarding logistics of the event.


"Failure and success live next door to each other and they have no numbers at the door. You just knock."
- Guillermo Del Toro

Developer - Pablo Pistachio (GMTK GameJam 2020)

2020 - Github -

The theme of the Game Jam was "Out of Control", and so this game features an aspiring artist trying to do live drawings, despite many obstacles trying to get in his way. This game utilized Computer Vision in order to calculate the player's score.

Full Stack Developer - Personal Website

2020 - Github

This website was created using Github pages as its source, and is entirely done by hand, by myself. I utilized, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, as well as Javascript in order to create the website you see before you now!

Developer - Parallel Connection Image Downloader

2020 - Github

This program establishes a connection with the given image link, and then establishes several more connections in order to download the image via parallel TCP connections. This way, very large files can be downloaded much faster than usual. The number of connections opened is determined by the user.

Backend Developer - UGAHacks Website

2019 - Github - Website

The UGAHacks website is created using Django, and the database which holds registration data is organized using PostGreSQL. My job was the maintain and update our database via PostGreSQL, handle Django Migration issues, and create database backup using Crontab scripts.

Developer - Email and Security Automator


This script was created for my Equifax Global Cyber Security Internship. It utilized Python to create a script which automated and simplified the Exception Closing process. It was integrated with ServiceNow as an automated system designated for the appropriate people to utilize.

Developer - Diablo Leaderboard

2019 - Github

This program was created using the Blizzard playerdata API. The program completes efficient search queries into the JSON data served by the API in order to get the top gear configurations for the top players in the Diablo 3 Leaderboard. The program itself is written entirely in Python, and is configured to search through various JSON dictionaries for the appropriate information.

Backend Developer - Pokemon Type Advantage/Generation Identifier Website

2019 - Github

This is a simple website which displays various images depending on the user decisions. The entire website works off of a MySQL database which I created and linked to the frontend of the website.

Developer & Modeler - VR Crane Training

2019 - Github

This is a simple Virtual Reality training simulation which helps crane operators learn the controls of a crane machine before piloting one in real life. This is to create familiarity with the machine, as well as prevent accidents from occurring on site.

Developer - VR Acrophobia Therapy Exercise

2019 - Github

This is a Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy simulation aimed at helping people slowly overcome their fear of heights. My involvement with this project was from conception to completion. I programmed all of the physics, logic of the game, and helped created all of the models shown in this demo.

Developer - Practice Assembly Code Programs

2019 - Github

These are simple assembly programs which I created in order to practice my knowledge of assembly coding, written in MIPS and uses SPIM.

Developer - Game Over (Athens GameJam 2018)

2018 -

The theme for this Game Jam was "Haunted", and so my team and I created a game where you play as the "ghost mayor" of a city, working to try and help your citizens even in the afterlife. I programmed the functionality of the player character, the NPC interactions, and the logic behind when quests were accepted and finished. The game was created in GODOT.

Developer - Omni (GMTK GameJam 2017)

2017 - Github -

The theme for this Game Jam was "Duel Functionality", meaning one mechanic when served two purposes. To adhere to this theme, I created a Bullet-Hell game where the movement of the player was tied to how fast the player shot. This game was created in GameMaker Studio, and utilized C# for scripting purposes.


"Talent is just pursued interest"
- Bob Ross


Java was my very first programming language, one that I began learning in High School, and as such it is the one that I am most familiar with, syntax wise. Many of my college projects were written in Java, including the Minesweeper Text Game, iTunes Gallery App, and Video Game Arcade Machine.

C++ (3 years)

My C++ experience mostly stems from a classroom environment, where I used it to practice creating data structures such as Linked Lists, Binary Trees, and Hash Tables. I also utilized C++ while practicing Systems Programming, in which I created my own Shell functions.

C# (3 years)

A majority of my C# experience comes from personal use and self-teaching, since C# was not something that was explicitily taught in any of my classes. Regardless, I use it for scripting purposes, as shown in all of my Game Jam and VR projects. I have also been a C# tutor, where I taught underclassman how to begin using C#, and where they can go to familiarize themselves with the libraries they need for their projects.

My experience with Python began with my internship at Equifax, however it has since grown to become my main programming language for any project I decide to work on. For example, alongside the projects shown on this page, I have also used Python to automatically generate unique QR codes using Google Sheets for event purposes.

My HTML/CSS experience stems from an classroom setting, as well as personal experience and teaching. That being said, when designing and laying out websites, I believe that a minimalistic aesthetic should be held, at least to a certain extent, for all websites. That being said, although the websites I create don't contain flashy animations or unique scrolling features, they are compact, accessible, and most importantly, exportable to any applicable devices.

My experience with JQuery is closely tied to my experience with HTML/CSS. I have utilized JQuery for my Pokemon website project, which can be viewed in the html documents in the project.

My SQL experience, alongside my MySQL and PostGreSQL experience, stems from practical application of the language. During my time in UGAHacks 5, I was the main Database manager, utilizing PostGreSQL and crontab to organize, encrypt, and backup our database filled with Personally Identifiable information.

My experience with R stems from my internship experience at Georgia Tech's Industrial Engineering Department. I utilized R to systematically allocate and visual the different signs of an email being spam.


As one of the leaders of a technically centered non-profit, Git is the bloodline of the organization's interactions. I have spent much of my time handling merge conflicts, reviewing merge requests, and pushing to production.

Being fluent with Git and Unix makes understanding and executing Command Line commands second nature to me. Navigating and locating files via Command Line is also something I am familiar with.

I currently have a Microsoft Office Certification granted by Microsoft. On top of this, having been in many leadership positions, I have had to work with the Microsoft Office tools a great deal, be in creating contracts, formatting Excel data for scripting, or creating presentations for our volunteer team, I have ample experience utilizing Microsoft Office for practical use.

Unity is my go to game creation tool for all of my Game Jams. A majority of my time coding in C# is through the Unity creation engine.

I believe that everyone should be familiar with coding and navigating in an Unix environment. That being said, a majority of my time in academia as well as in a professional environment has had me coding or interacting in some way with a Unix environment.

The UGAHacks website is created using the Django framework, and as a result I have learned an ample amount on how to deploy with it, manage migration issues, and utilize its capabilities to create stable and reliable fullstack websites.


Bangla is the language that I speak at primarily at home with my parents. However, I still cannot read and write the language at a level which would be regarded as fluent by any means.

Although I am not American by birth, I have lived in America since I was only 2 months old. For that reason, it would be accurate to say that English is my "Second First Language". I can speak, read, and write English fluently.

I can speak, read, and write Japanese at an intermediate level, although not very fluently. I am confident in my ability to hold a conversation, but I am still studying in order to advance my grammar and learn to speak at a higher level.

Arabic is a language that I learned out of Bangla. That is to say, due to the fact that Bangla has many words similar to Arabic, I have also begun to learn Arabic to a small extent. I can read Arabic at an elementary level, however I am still working on my writing and speaking skills.


You will seldom find me not reading a new novel or listening to a new audiobook. Reading is something that I have been passionate about since I was a child, and that vigor has not left me to this day. I also write my own short stories in my freetime, particularly in world-building and character backstory.

Although I haven't had the means to do so recently, I thoroughly enjoy traveling, not only for the new sights and sounds, but to meet new people as well. I tend to avoid tourist areas in the places I go to, instead more willing to interact with the locals and get a feel for what life is like in this new part of the world.

Video games as a hobby requires no introduction. I have been playing video games since before the advent of the Internet, and I don't see myself stopping anytime in the near or distant future.

Art is something that I have always been terrible at. That is to say, even stick figures looked terrible while the pen was in my hands. However, recently I have come to realize that art is a skill, not a talent, and so I began to try and hone my skills through hardwork and dedication. My sketches thus far can be found here: [Link]


"Without fame, he who spends his time on earth leaves only such a mark upon the world as smoke does on air or foam on water."
- Dante Alighieri, Inferno:Canto XXIV


Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

2019 - 2020

This award is given to specific students who are nominated by a faculty member for the award and ultimately selected as a winner from a departmental awards committee. Students are nominated based on a variety of criteria: academics, service, work with clubs, etc. Winners are listed on the UGA Computer Science Website

Dean's List

2018 - 2020

Students are added to the Dean's List when they display a GPA of at least 3.8 in a given semester as a full time student. I was awarded a spot on the Dean's List during the Fall 2018 and Spring 2020 Semesters

Media Presence

Featured on Equifacts

Equifacts is a monthly newsletter from Equifax which covers various University Relations or company topics. One issue had a "Graduate Spotlight" which highlighted two graduating Equifax previous or current Interns. I was selected to be one of them! You can find a copy of the newsletter here [LINK]

Red & Black Interview

As Lead Director of UGAHacks 5, I was interviewed by the UGA Student Newspaper "The Red and Black". I was asked about my role in the organization, what exactly a hackathon was, and what the organization does as a whole.


"Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."
- Friedrich Nietzsche